8 July 2019

Humanoid Robot Mini ADA Starts Working at Istanbul Airport

AKINSOFT Headquarters
Mini ADA, the humanoid robot with artificial intelligence developed by Akinrobotics, Turkey's domestic robotics brand, is launching at Istanbul airport. 
Mini ADA, which will provide language support in English as well as Turkish, when asked the directions for the points installed in the system such as the exit door, lost & found office, taxi etc., is able to describe by voice by showing directions immediately, and can also plot the route of the destination point by showing map information on its screen. With 2 stereo microphones on it, it converts the questions and orders from outside into text and transmits the information obtained by processing in artificial intelligence to the user via voice. Mini Ada can also convey all flight information to passengers with its barcode reader system. Akinrobotics, which has realized many firsts in our country through its activities, will continue to serve science and humanity with its new projects for the future while continuing to move rapidly towards high technology.
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