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AKINSOFT and AKINROBOTICS Chairman of the Board Özgür AKIN Ph.D. attended on ''Vision 2030 - Machinery Summit'' held on Thursday, June 13, 2019, in Istanbul.


AKINROBOTICS has been considered worthy to award in the category of technology at "Third Anatolian Seljuk Culture and Tourism Contribution Awards" event which is organized by Selçuk University Tourism Faculty. Dr. Özgür Akın who is C

CEO Corner

Happy New Year To Be Lived With Technology… Özgür AKIN, PhD The Chairman of AKINSOFT – AKINROBOTICS
The future is the youth, and the youths are the teachers' devotion.Happy November 24, Teachers' Day To All Our Teachers.Dr. Özgür AKINAKINSOFT and AKINROBOTICS Chairman of the Board
The One Who Loves His Country The Most Is The One Who Does His Job The BestHappy 96th Anniversary of Our Republic PhD Özgür AKINAKINSOFT and AKINROBOTICS Chairman of the Board
Happy Eid al-Adha to the whole Islamic world with the wish of a feast to be lived in peace and health.Dr. Özgür AKINChairman of AKINSOFT and AKINROBOTICS
Ozgur AKIN PhD
"Nations that do not give due importance to high technology are obliged to be slave on their own lands while supposing they are free." Ozgur AKIN, PhD.