"The greatest success is to be happy."

He had completed his primary and secondary school education in Konya and high school education in Fatih Technical & Industrial Vocational High School, and higher education in Ege University, the Department of Computer Programming between 1992-1994. He had completed his primary and secondary school education in Konya and high school education in Fatih Technical & Industrial Vocational High School, and higher education in Ege University, the Department of Computer Programming between 1992-1994. He studied Anadolu University, Business Management Faculty Department of Administration and Organization and then Selcuk University, Department of Computer Engineering during 1988-2002. He specialised on the fields of Robotic, Database, algorithm, Automatisation.

AKIN has completed his master program in Selcuk University, Department of Industrial Engineering in 2004-2006 and has been working on WOLVOX ERP E-Business software which is still actively used today. In 2010 - 2013, AKIN completed the doctorate at Selcuk University, Institute of Science - Robotics Technology and got the PhD title.

He started his business life on April 12, 1995 by establishing AKINSOFT. He has developed Internet, Windows and DOS-based nearly 100 commercial and sectoral program. Since its inception, AKINSOFT has grown ( has been growing) and developed (developing) without any capital support and continues to work in technology field with over 100 personnel in Konya and Istanbul. He fulfilled his goal of starting R & D works on Robotics Technologies in the vision of 2010, before its specified date in 2009, through the AKINSOFT family's superior performance. In 2009, INOVAX magazine also has been provided as a gift to the world of media and information and be mentioned most often. After receiving the title of PhD in 2013, he performed the duty as a lecturer at the Department of Mechatronics Engineering at the Faculty of Engineering of Karatay University in the education period of 2014-2015.

At the same time, AKIN not only attracted attention as a business man, but also with being fond of science, and also accelerated his work on mass production of humanoid robots working with artificial intelligence software. On March 26, 2015, he established Turkey's first and only robotic cafe, Cadde Meram Cafe and Robotic Application Center. In the same year in December he laid the foundations of Turkey's and the world's first and only robot factory together with AKINSOFT Family. With AKINROBOTICS, which was recently entered into service, PhD AKIN has written another name in history.

“Just smile on who says that you will fail…“ (O. Akin)
"Achieving some goals against all odds looks like making sand castles from sand. You should firstly set off sand pile in order to build sand castle. Being aware of your sand castle destroyed by waves should not hinder you from creating this artifact. Since it is all worth to take risk to experience this marvelous artifact."

Victory of Confidence and Success
The foundation story of AKINSOFT has just begun (begins) with the confidence of Mr. Ozgur Akin. He has already known that he could shape the future of technology, thanks to that small box. Everyone would have testified the victory of determination and constantly cited the company, AKINSOFT which established with great confidence.

AKINSOFT established with equity capital on April 12, 1995. Mr. Ozgur Akin that has just set target for next 28 years, adopting the concept that “We do not dream, just do plan” and progressed on studies in that vein. In 1996, Mr. Akin has furthered his education and presented date of December 4, when AKINSOFT become an association, as ‘World Information Technology Day’ to celebrate world wide. Kept on studies by making no concessions of his fundamental principles, Mr. Akin also has provided employment increasing the number of staff. He laid a foundation rapidly the brand that will shape the future's route as making fellows who believe in Akınsoft just like him. Has come one step closer each day to his goal expanding the customer network of company after the institutionalization. "Do whatever you do, do the best and boast with it... You will see people will salute you enviously."

Among the most important goals of Mr. Ozgur Akin for the 25 year visions determined since the company had established, it is included to start the R&D activities in Robotics Technology in 2010 and also maintain the mass production of robots in 2015. Akın, firstly realised Wolvox ERP E-Business Programme. Wolvox ERP E-Business is a combinatorial ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software which will work integrated to both production and finance system basically. Akinsoft Wolvox ERP E-Businesss system contains business' material management, material requirements planning, capacity requirements planning, general accounting, production control and quality control systems and also planning, budget, maintenance, personnel (human resources) and bookkeeping modules. Program has been translated to seven languages and used in 28 countries. Thereafter his being tech-savvy has brought about to actualize the 2010 vision one year before estimated time by starting the R&D activities for the robots with artificial intelligence making life easier in 2009.

Those studies have brought first results in 2011. The R&D activities of the first robotic system, ‘PNCR-1’ that announced in May 30, 2011 and designed and produced by Akinsoft Robotic Department resulted by succes. Following PNCR-2 fall into Akinsoft and the world history. AKINCI-1 joined to the family on July 14, 2011. AKINCI-1 has become the first humanoid robot of Akinsoft that has abilities of 2D view, object recognizing and tracking, talking, imitation of human actions, limited speech perception system. On 12 April 2013, Akıncı-2 which is the first commercial humanoid mobil robot produced in Turkey, can stand on its own feet, walk, identify more than one item by focusing, keep its balance against external physical effects, perceive 3D place it is inside, focus people near it, hold items by using its hands, scan the topics asked it to search on internet databanks and express, can be controlled by wireless network and voice processing and can be tracked besides features AKINCI-1 realised. Continuation of the serial, AKINCI-3 completed on December 23, 2014, has features of 3D view, recognization of object and tracking, human detection and tracking, talking, walking-balance, developed engine of speech perception and explication, ambient temperature sensing, odor sensing (Carbon Monoxide), programming and control interface (IDE), expression sensations by humanoid gesture. In the Turkey's first Robotic Application Center Cadde Meram Cafe that come into service on 26 March 2015, robot waitress ADA's has started to work. ADA's who can serve and has artificial intelligence has been improving and serving in Cadde Meram Cafe. After robot waitress ADA's robot hostess ADA's joined the family. Robot Hostess ADA's that can dance, distribute brochure appears in organizations. AKINROBOTICS that is the first humanoid robot fabric in Turkey and all over the world is in activity currently, it will be operated soon.

“The nations not placing importance to high technology, are condemned to be slaves, supposed to live free” (O. Akin)

Emphasized on the importance given for his country with his studies and sayings, intended for rendering best possible service to his country, Mr. Akin has declared his intent to run as independent candidate for Konya in the 2011 general elections. During his candidate process, he has argued for an immediate establishment of the Ministry of Technology in Turkey for accelerating the technological development processes, drawing attention to this being considered as necessary. The youths, who have closely followed Mr. Akin and his studies, has provided vital support with their political studies.

“Nowadays governing the society means managing the information, however that’s only possible with technology.”(O. Akin)

Mr. Ozgur Akin, proceeded on his way aiming at maintaining AKINSOFT Global Partner Network in Turkey and in the world and spreading the software technology to all sectors by offering the best service and support to the clients, makes the best of his mission. "Announced his goals of becoming software pioneer company in the world and remarked that “We are in the race as AKINSOFT” by adopting the principle of “Treasure humanity all around – Technology everywhere”. Determined the visions of 2005, 2010, 2015 and 2023 and proved his real success with some early accomplished projects.

The Vision of 2000; (Completed);
  • Establishing AKINSOFT İstanbul Regional Directorate,
  • Buying a car,
  • Realizing the first visit of solution partner network,
  • ocusing on software instead of hardware and software.

The Vision of 2005; (Completed);
  • Being the highest tax payer in Konya,
  • Reaching the potential of employing 300 people,
  • Laying the base of foreign trade,
  • Being the pioneer of software in Turkey.

The Vision of 2010; (Completed);
  • Starting R&D works regarding robotic technologies,
  • Opening AKINSOFT İstanbul Plaza,
    (We achieved the targets of starting R&D works regarding robotic technologies and opening AKINSOFT İstanbul Plaza one year ago of the expected time which is 2010. We started to be act on mdeia sector by publishing INOVAX magazine in 2009 also.);
    Our company which is planning to actualize Satellite City Project by making these targets real aims to increase the staff number to 30.000 and be the pioneer of software in the world.
The Vision of 2015; (Completed);
  • Starting serial production of the robotic technologies that are designed with artificial intelligence to make people's life easy.

Vision 2023; (We kept it as secret because if we explained it, the balances would be broken... We explained it at the Groundbreaking Ceremony of Robotic Factories in December 26, 2015);
  • Establishing R&D Center of Space Technologies,
  • Establishing AKINSOFT High Technology University.

Consequently, we made vision of 2000, 2005, 2010 and 2015 real successfully. We stood behind all our words. The works that we did from 1995 until this day and the plans that we realized show that we will achieve our Vision 2023.

AKINSOFT in Turkey and in the World
Great support for the company structuring of AKINSOFT is from its confident Solution Partners who believes in AKINSOFT. Now, the company has reached to over 2000 Solution Partners in 28 countries and 81 cities of Turkey. AKINSOFT, constantly expanding its global partner network, has swiftly spread out its brand in the world. By having large program archive with over 120 programs, AKINSOFT has served its product range for almost the customers of all sectors and spread to wide range of business by currently supplementing new software developed. Beware of using patented trademarks created by AKINSOFT, has registered its quality obtaining patent of its most trademarks.


According to my professional experience gained for years, while the high-end technology countries breaks through, other countries out of technology has been obliged to live under the shadows of progressive ones. In the belief that this situation should be changed, I have rendered service to technology in my country. Nowadays governing the society means managing the information, however that’s only possible only by technology.

The age we live in is Informatics, thus the only key for global competitive power is technology. Determinants for getting slice of the global financial pie are having the supremacy in science and technology and the investment for researches and developments. The key indicator of today’s world is the fact that full independence cannot come into existence without technological independence. I have committed myself on retrieving my country from technological dependency. That is the duty towards my country and territory.


“Live straight ; your dreams become plan, plans come true” (Ö. AKIN)

As the saying goes; human lives as long as imagines. Strongly agree that human can just actualize something that imagined. With the purpose of making my dreams come true, considered some actions as an obligatory. I know that those could be realized with the public support.
  • Establishing Science and Technology Ministry
  • Invigorating the economy with technological investment, solving social problems with economic development
  • Creating employment by force of income from technological investment
  • Becoming the technology exporter, not the importer.
Turkey, the country of technology; Konya, the capital of technology…

Mr. Ozgur Akin, well-known with self studies of technology, science and also politics, has some specialties in especially photography, playing musical instruments, writing poetry, sailing, horse riding, skiing, scuba diving, climbing, motor sports, riding bicycle and playing tennis. Mr. Akin, sharing his photos and poems via social networking sites, have also thousands of followers on social media. Akın, also well known with his love of animals.

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“If I see a small candle light, flashing over and I knew that it will not deflate… If I knew it will not quenched… Have I rush to feel you?” (O. AKIN)

The builder of AKINSOFT, Mr. Ozgur Akin has many memberships not only in private organizations, but also in many nongovernmental organizations. Tried hard to make Konya the capital of technology at Konya Chamber of Commerce Council (55th Occupation Committee, Information Communication Media Broadcast Services) between 2009-2013. Mr. Akin is also member of TOBB Computer Software Council since 2010. His inspiration comes through the technology’s being greatest factor to increase the employment. In this regard, alternative projects have been devised for the determination and resolution of the technological deficiencies in our country and lobbied for solving the legal deficiencies.

Besides, Mr. Akin, argued for a prompt necessity of the Ministry of Technology in our country, has led for establishing the Ministry of Technology, bringing new perspective for technology at governmental level. Since 2010, he has been Employment Working Group Member of TOBB YOIKK (Investment Environment Improvement Coordination Council) emphasizing the technology being non-ignorable factor for the employment that is primary concern of other social problems in our country.Also, provided support for sport presenting in Konyaspor SK as Board Member, Deputy Chairman, R&D and Institutionalization Manager between 2011-2012.

Mr. Akin, supported social responsibility projects, has some studies on overcoming lack of knowledge by holding training seminars and symposiums for various public and private institutions and organizations. Mr. Akin is interested in art, also lover of music and theater and supporting many corporation especially Konya State Theater, and artists.

“Nowadays governing the society means managing the information, however that’s only possible with technology.” (O. Akin)

  • Konya Chamber of Commerce Council member – 55th Occupation Committee, Information
  • Communication Media Broadcast Services (January 2009 – …)
  • KOBID member (1998 – …)
  • TOBB Computer Software Council Member (September 2010 – …)
  • TOBB YOIKK Employment Working Group Member (December 2010 – 2012)
  • Konyaspor Board Member and Deputy Chairman, R&D and Institutionalization Manager(October 2011- 2012)

Konya Selcuk University

(2013 Graduate)
  • Robotics Technology
  • Konya Selcuk University

    (2006 Graduate – Industrial Engineering)

  • Application Project – WOLVOX ERP
  • New Economics and Dynamics
  • Process Improvement Techniques
  • Human Resources
  • Technology Management and Organizational Change
  • Human Engineering
  • Organizational Communication
  • Innovation and R&D Management
  • Cost Analysis and Engineering Economics
  • Quality Control
  • Production Systems
  • Engineering Statistics
  • Statistical Data Analysis
  • Engineering Mechanics
  • Konya Selcuk University

    (2002 Graduate · Computer Engineering)

  • Robotics
  • Package Programming
  • Engineering Economics
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Visual Programming Languages
  • Software Engineering
  • Computer Aided Design/Manufacturing
  • Computer Networks
  • System Software
  • Multi User Operating Systems
  • Database Management
  • Micro Processors
  • Operating Systems
  • Statistics – Propability Theory
  • Logic Design
  • Programming Languages
  • Engineering Mechanics
  • Computer Aided Technical Drawing
  • Electronics
  • Abstract Mathematics
  • Eskisehir Anadolu University

    (Management Organization)

  • Human Resourcesı
  • Management Organization
  • Public Relations
  • General Accounting
  • Ege University

    (1994 Graduate – Computer Programming)

  • Internet Programming
  • Database
  • Graphic Design
  • Computer Hardware
  • Computer Technology and Programming
  • Fatih Technical & Industrial Vocational High School

    (1992 Graduate)

  • Computer Programming
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